May 3 2019
Nikolay Dyankov

Learn WordPress - Best WordPress Courses for 2019

WordPress is known for its usability and super intuitive interface. It lets people create professional-grade websites without any coding knowledge. With access to WordPress plugins and WordPress themes, users can create unique layouts and incorporate fascinating functionalities, in a matter of a few clicks.

But with that being said, the CMS (Content Management System) has grown a lot over the years and currently boasts a boatload of functionalities. Furthermore, despite a seemingly user-friendly interface, users without previous experience in web management & development can find the platform somewhat overwhelming.

With this in mind, we have put together a short read going over some of the best courses and resources that will help you learn WordPress, and how to use the platform. And so, without further ado, let’s get started:



WPBeginner has made a name for itself as one of the go-to online resources for beginner-level Wordpress users. The website comprises of a boatload of tutorials and guides covering everything to help you set up a WordPress website/blog. All courses are free to use with some restricted behind simple email signup.

However, it is worth mentioning that most of these guides are curated around learning the basics of the platform. For more advanced level tutorials, you need to take reference for other resources.

The Tao Of WordPress


If you don’t like to browse through websites, then you might enjoy reading this structured e-book on the CMS. The Tao of WordPress comprises of a 300-page comprehensive guide helping users complete basic tasks like setting up a website to optimizing it for SEO, boosting its performance, installing WordPress plugins, and much more.

Compared to WPBeginner, here you will get all your WordPress tutorials conveniently structured/organized to guide you through a step-by-step process of setting up a powerful WordPress website. However, for the added comfort, you will need to pay $38 for the e-book.


WPBeginner is a massive open online courses websites from LinkedIn. It comprises of various video courses spanning across different fields, including WordPress and web design. You will find plenty of useful guides curated to help both beginners as well as advanced users of the CMS.

Every video tutorial comes with its own closed-captioning that can help users with hearing impairment. Written courses and files are also available for users who prefer reading. But do keep in mind, it is not free! It is a subscription-based platform that will cost you $19.99 per month. A 30-day free trial pack is available which you can use to get a taste of what the platform has to offer.



If you don’t like to hop onto a subscription model and want to simply purchase a single course and learn it at your own pace, then Udemy is the way to go. Similar to, it is an online learning platform, but each course is sold separately accompanied with lifetime access.

Besides this simple difference, here also you will get access to beginner and advanced level courses for WordPress. There are free courses that can help you set up a WordPress website to paid courses for better site optimization. Developer-centric courses are also available that comes with detailed guides on building your own WordPress Theme or WordPress plugin.

WordPress TV


WordPress TV gives you access to in-depth video tutorials curated for both beginners as well as veteran players in the WordPress domain. Videos are designed by the people working on WordPress to help you understand how you can set up your website, implement SEO, and much more. And best of all, its completely free and ready to use for any WordPress user.

Another notable highlight of WordPress TV is that it gives you access to videos directly from WordCamp - The official conference on all things WordPress. You can check out various seminars, guest speaker interviews, and much more.

WordPress Codex


Much like WordPress TV, WordPress Codex is also a free knowledge repository created by the developers of WordPress themselves. It offers extensively detailed documentation on almost any problem you might face involving the CMS.

The entire codex is divided into multiple sections depending on what you came to learn. This can be as simple as installing a WordPress plugin, or much more complex like developing a WordPress theme. WordPress developers can also get access to the code reference database to learn more about WordPress functions, classes, methods, and hooks.

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