Nov 25 2019
Nikolay Dyankov

Premium Courses for WordPress Development

WordPress is slowly becoming one of the most sought after skills in modern times, but that doesn’t mean it is difficult to learn. In fact, on the contrary, WordPress development is one of the simpler sides of web development. Furthermore, thanks to its open-source nature, there are tons of online articles and guides to help you get started with developing your very own WordPress plugin or theme.

But with that being said, most of the freely available online information is scattered rarely confirming to create a cohesive guide for beginners or people new to WordPress.

With this in mind, we have put together a list comprising of well-structured tutorials and guides discussing the nuts and bolts of WordPress development. The only catch being these are paid courses. So if that doesn’t bother you, here are our top picks for the best premium courses for WordPress Development:

Treehouse Price: $25/month

Treehouse is an online learning community covering a diverse collection of courses on various coding related topics. Their courses are designed to help you gain practical skills and land a new job, or get that promotion you have been waiting for.

In relation to WordPress, you will find courses on:

  • Beginning WordPress
  • Development for WordPress
  • Front End Web Development
  • Web Design

This should help you kickstart your career in WordPress. Quizzes and assignments are also spread throughout the course to help reinforce everything you have learned in the training.

WPSessions Price: $15/month or $149/year

WPSessions creates professional-level courses to help webmasters as well as WordPress developers. They hire WordPress experts to curate useful courses with more being added every single month.

Their WordPress Development-related courses include:

  • Bashing Your Way with WP-CLI
  • Front-End Submissions
  • How To Optimize WordPress Performance
  • Mastering Sass: From Beginner to Expert
  • Using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
  • Your First WordPress Plugin

WPShout Price: $197/course

WPShout boasts courses primarily curated for WordPress developers. You will find detailed videos as well as in-depth articles to help you with different aspects of WordPress development. Each course is supplemented with a short quiz at the end, to help you assess your comprehension.

  1. Up & Running: Learn WordPress Development
  2. WordPress Security with Confidence

The WordPress development course is available for free, whereas some of the more advanced courses are paired with a premium price tag.

OSTraining Price: $59/year

OSTraining will give you access to videos as well as ebooks, paired with a rich online classroom experience complete with quizzes, an interactive learning community, and a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

The site offers a whole array of WordPress centric courses targeted at webmasters as well as developers. Here are some of the WordPress development centric courses:

  • How to Build a WordPress Widget
  • How to Build Multilingual WordPress Websites
  • How to Contribute to a WordPress Plugin
  • How to Develop WordPress Plugins
  • How to Publish Your Plugin at
  • How to Use DesktopServer
  • How to Use PHP Code Sniffer in WordPress
  • How to Use the Developer Plugin in WordPress
  • How to Use the WordPress API
  • Why Should Developers Use WordPress

Udemy Price: each course sold separately at varying prices

Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform where educators create online courses that are sold separately to interested students. You can also download the courses for offline viewing. The educators have the option to attach documents and PDFs with the courses for extra reading material. It also promotes a learning community where you can engage with the teacher and your fellow students.

Now, as you can imagine, the platform offers a diverse selection of courses on different niches. Here are some of the best courses pertaining to WordPress development:

  • Complete WordPress Development Themes and Plugins Course by Zac Gordon
  • WordPress Development - Themes, Plugins, & Gutenberg by Ramirez Jr

Skillshare $15/month or $99/year

Skillshare is an online learning community with tons of courses covering various different topics including WordPress. All these courses are available through a monthly subscription that is cheaper than Netflix.

The catch is that almost anyone can create a course on Skillshare, which really puts a question mark on the quality. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a new course on WordPress development, then refer to one of the above alternatives.

However, if you already have an active Skillshare membership, then you can consider these two WordPress development courses:

  • Advanced WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap 4
  • Beginning WordPress Plugin Development

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