Sep 9 2019
Nikolay Dyankov

Where to Find a Good Copywriter on a Budget

So you have decided on hiring a copywriter to help you out with your business? Great decision! But here's how do you find the right copywriter for the job. You might have heard the saying - the best copywriter (enter any other profession) isn’t always the right copywriter (same profession).

This is because not every copywriter will have an interest or experience in your industry. And so, they might take more time with their research or deliver uninspired work. You need someone that understands your product, understands you, having experience in your industry, or with your target demographics. That’s the copywriter you are looking to hire! But now the question becomes - where to find this unicorn? And it becomes even more complicated when you insert budget into the equation. But fear not, as we have put together a comprehensive read to help you find a good copywriter on a budget.

Check Upwork, Fiverr, And Other Freelancing Platforms

Upwork lets you publish job posts with your requirements. Any interested copywriter can then respond to that post with a bid (how much money they will charge to deliver that work). If you are okay with the price, you can start a conversation to see their credentials, testimonials, and past work, to decide if you want to hire them for your work.

Note: After posting your job listing, be prepared to get flooded with a lot of amateurs or sub-par professionals ‘promising’ to deliver the best work, all the while mis-spelling the word - ‘promise.’ So be prepared to dive through all these spams before you find any legitimate offering from an established copywriter.

This is where Fiverr might appeal to you. Here the copywriter will create gigs and label how much they charge for different tasks. After going through their profiles, if you like their portfolio, you can send them your requirements and get started on the project. No bidding, no having to deal with spam proposals.

Use Referrals

If picking through countless profiles and scanning innumerable samples and testimonials aren’t your thing, then you can consider taking a look at your professional or even personal network.

A friend from school or college might be doing full time copywriting as a profession. Alternatively, one of your clients or colleagues might have hired a great copywriter before whose work you really like. Not only will you get real-life testimonials, but also get to see their work first hand.

This can provide the extra layer of trust and personal connection that is missing from picking a random dude from a freelancing website and being tied into a complicated escrow contract and having to pay commissions to the platform.

Go On LinkedIn

If your personal or professional networks don’t have any referrals to provide, then it's time to look for one through social networks - more specifically LinkedIn.

Here, all your results will be prioritized based on the number of shared connects, so it will be easier to find copywriters who are relatively still your network of knowns. Furthermore, being the go-to social network for professionals, you will get to see just how ‘professional’ your to-be copywriter is with access to their qualifications, employment history, projects, portfolio, and so on. Also, if he/she has done any prior work with one of your known contacts, then you can ping them up to get a direct testimonial.

Google Is Always There

And lastly, if all options fail, just do a quick Google search with the term “copywriter” followed by the area of requirement. A list of potential copywriters should come up. Go and visit their websites. See how they are selling themselves through their website.

This should give you an idea as to how they will sell your product/service to your audience. A website also gives the copywriter much more space to provide information about themselves and their style of work which is beyond the scope of any freelancing platform. So this might help you in properly evaluating the writers and deciding whether or not they are right for the job.

Take An Interview

Just don’t hire writers after looking through their samples or getting referrals from your friends. You gave so much time in search of the right copywriter, so invest a little more and take a quick interview. Make sure to cover the following points:

  • Do they have experience working on similar projects? If yes, that’s good!
  • Can they do SEO? If not, and you are planning to publish content for the internet audience, then you will need to have an SEO expert handle the work.
  • What is their writing process? What style guides do they use? Do they use buyer personas? Creating copy by using buyer personas are known to increase conversion rates by 200%.
  • Have they worked before under strict deadlines?
  • Do they play well with a team?

Be sure to ask these questions, including all the little problems you have been thinking of yourself. Remember, if they can’t sell themselves, they will not be able to sell your brand.

Nikolay Dyankov

I’m Nikolay and I’m a top 50 author on CodeCanyon (username "nickys") and top 200 on the Envato marketplaces overall. I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years as a fulltime job, mostly solo. Image Map Pro is my main product and I’m currently working on the next big thing for me.