Getting Started ๐Ÿš€

In this quick guide we will go over the basics of how to use MapCraftโ„ข. As we're writing this guide the plugin is in it's prototype stage, so if something looks off, please let us know!

The plugin is in early stages of development and things in this guide may quickly become irrelevant.

Create a Map

When you open the plugin page from your Dashboard for the first time, you will see a Create Map button. Click it and the super awesome turbo editor will launch. ๐Ÿ‘

Set Starting Location

When the map first loads on your page it needs to have a starting location. Open the Location tab on the left and under Starting Location enter an address.

Place Markers

Placing some markers on the map is super easy. Right above the map you should see a button with a marker icon. Press it and you are now in "marker placing mode". Right-click on the map to place a marker and click the button again to finish the process. For more advanced methods of placing markers, please see the Markers section.

Edit Content

Each marker comes with its own info window attached to it. Select a marker and open the Info Window tab. You will see a textarea from where you can edit the content, and a switch to enable or disable the info window entirely.


When you are happy with the map that you made, press the green Done button in the top right of the Editor. You map will be saved in the database.


Publishing a map on your website is super easy. You can do it either with a shortcode, or with the Gutenberg editor.

  • To use a shortcode, open the plugin page and next to the map that you created you will see a shortcode, which should look something like this: [mapcraft id="1234"]. Copy/paste this shortcode anywhere on your website.

  • If you're using Gutenberg there should be a MapCraft widget element that you can add to your page or post. After you add it you will be able to select which map to include.